When you think of Schnapps, typically you would think of a drink that is very sweet, usually peppermint or peach flavored. This blog is about all things schnapps, full of insightful facts.

What is Schnapps?

Schnapps is often used to describe a drink category that is based around sweetened flavored fruit liqueurs. Instead of distilling the fruit like you would to make Gin, these liqueurs are often made by soaking fruits in alcohol after the distillation process.



Schnapps is known as Austria’s national drink. The Austrian people have been perfecting this drink for hundreds of years, coming up with and concocting many different recipes, trying to improve and effectively keep this age-old European tradition alive for future generations.

Schnapps is the general name for distilled fruit brandy’s in Austria. Unlike normal brandy, which is made from distilling wine, Schnapps is sweeter and smoother as it is made from various fruits such as cherries, apples, apricots to name a few.

The most popular types of Schnapps are those that are made from different kinds of fruit often referred to as “Obstler”. It comes from the German word ‘Obst’ which means fruit.

Schnapps is the favourite go to drink in Austria, just like vodka is in Russia. With Schnapps having a moderately high alcohol level, it amazes people with its smoothness and great flavour.


How is Schnapps made?

Schnapps is a spirit made by fermenting fruit after being distilled. During the process of making schnapps, the brewers mix neutral grain spirit with fruit syrup, along with various spices, or other flavors. The grain that is used could be wheat, rye, oats, barley, or buckwheat. Rye and wheat tend to be the more popular option.


Tasting very similar to a lightly flavoured vodka. The fruits that are used are not washed as this takes away the natural yeast that is needed in the fermenting process.


When do you drink Schnapps?

Usually drank after dinner, Schnapps is typically served at room temperature in small glasses that are specially designed to ensure that the drinker experiences the full nose and taste of the fruits. Schnapps is a drink that is typically sipped slowly and not taken as a shot.


Where can I find Schnapps?

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