Red Stone was named after the majestic Rooiberge Mountains that surround the local area of Clarens. Rooiberge, translated into English, means “Red Mountains”.so their name has a very rich and compelling history.


Red Stone is Clarens Brewery’s sister brand, that specializes in fruit- based drinks Stemming from this comes their idea to produce their own gin from the abundance of fruit available in the surrounding area.

The cider made from the fruit is triple distilled, creating spirits which turn the fruit juice into Gin. Red Stone Gin follows an authentic orchard to bottle process.

First the apples are nurtured in their own local orchard, then are harvested, crushed and fermented. Thereafter the cider gets put through a process where it is double distilled, producing top quality Apple Schnapps. The Schnapps is then mixed with various herbs and other ingredients. The mixture is then distilled for a 3rd time, creating their high-quality Gin.

Red Stone has blended their Craft Gin and Craft Tonic water together to create a picture perfect ready to drink Gin & Tonic.


Now sold in cans

Red Stone recently opted for canning their drinks rather than bottling. They have been bottling for 4 years but decided cans lighten their carbon footprint and are more environmentally friendly.

Evidently it takes 3 times the number of truckloads to deliver the glass bottles into Clarens.

The company is amongst the first to produce and bottle their own premixes.

Come and try their G&T’s. Give them a go and tell us what you think.

When going to a braai or social gathering, you usually bring a bottle of Gin and a couple cans of tonic to make a nice tasty G&T. Its far more convenient to just grab a 6 pack of a G&T premixed and ready to go, cold and packed with flavor.


For those who want the alcohol-free versions of your favorite G&T premix, Red Stone has got you covered. These are available in Classic, elder flower (gold & white) & dry lemon.

The Hillcrest Tops is a big supporter of The Clarens Brewery and their efforts to being more environmentally friendly and bringing you these ready to go mixes.